Shirvington Hannays
Addictions and Behavioural Counsellor

A CACCF’s certified Addictions Counsellor with a proven track record working with children and adults for measurable and sustained behavioural change.

Shirvington is trained and certified in Mental Health and Related Illnesses; Substance Use, Abuse and Misuse; Addictions; Suicide Prevention and Intervention; Behavioural, Process and Personality disorders. A graduate in the studies of addictions and community services, Mental health and psychology he has spent the 10+ years testing and exploring psycho-spiritual, mind and brain relations. Most of his findings are used as the foundation his published motivational magazine articles; inspirational writings for his blog, podcasts; and daily motivational twitter quotes under the theme “Rice and Peas for the Soul” and SMAHOO – Self Motivation and Healing Ourselves Online.
With more than 15 years researching on Religion and the significance spirituality plays in psychology and the functioning of the human mind. Shirvington has written, blogged and produced podcast across all major religions promoting holistic and practical ways of living, regardless of one’s religious or spiritual belief system.

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